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I have been practicing Taiji and Qigong for over forty years. This combination has taught me to cultivate my internal energy system through tapping into the universal life energy, also known as Qi - another word for the vital energy that exists within yourself and all living things. It is this universal life energy connection that has given me more gifts in life than I could have ever imagined. Through diligent and purposeful practice of these exercise healing arts, I have acquired the strength, internal energy and focus to achieve personal growth, balance, and the ability to share this Qi with others during my healing work.

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Qigong and Taiji are the ancient art of cultivating vital energy through slow, gentle movements. Both are physically and energetically healing, as well as enjoyable to perform. Either or both could very well be the exercise you have been looking to incorporate into your overall health plan.

Though Qigong and Taiji have been studied and practiced for thousands of years, Western scientists have only recently begun to apply the scientific method to these practices. Investigation through preliminary studies show that regular practice lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular function, helps with addiction, and reduces falls and fractures in the elderly. In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil reported in his October 3, 2012 Daily Health Tips that Qigong eases fibromyalgia pain. This was based on Canadian research (Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia) that suggests routine Qigong practice has the potential to lessen fibromyalgia pain and create a significant difference in the impact that it has on a patient's life.

When compared to other Chinese medicine techniques - Qigong and Taiji stand out as self-healing techniques. Both are best learned in class with a teacher, or better known as sifu. However, Qigong can be easily learned from a book or DVD. Both are easy to perform and can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical condition or age. Sometimes it is necessary to modify the movements based on a person's particular physical limitation. Taiji is more active and athletic of an exercise; Qigong can be practiced sitting or even lying down.

Practice of both disciplines requires minimal time and money – making it an attractive, easy method to maximize one's health. All that is necessary is the commitment to practice and willingness to concentrate on cultivation of Qi through these ancient movements performed for health and longevity. Qigong and Taiji exercise offers a profound, safe and fun way to heal oneself holistically. This incorporated with healthier food and drink choices combined with other life style choices maintain balance, energy, and productivity in life.

Practicing Taiji and Qigong Together Provides Relief and Healing

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